Affiliation No. 245-50
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Woodlands Day Care Centre

The need for a good day boarding school was keenly felt in Haldwani to meet the requirements of working parents. To fulfil their requirement Woodlands Sr. Sec. School, which is known as the best English medium school in Haldwani, took the initiative to start its daycare unit. Our aim is also to support working mother in pursuing their career and give the children quality child care. It has been designed to understand the need for working parents.

Being the best English medium school in Haldwani, which provides holistic development of the child and focuses on individual growth. Where, children prepare themselves not for subject related knowledge but also for life. We provide a learning and caring environment to young children aged 2–10 years after school hours.

Woodlands daycare is geared towards providing children with a safe and stimulating environment, where they can learn best, grow, and play. The students are given exposure to different activities like brain gym, vedic maths, Abacus and drawing classes for their language, cognitive and socioemotional development. We provide the best learning environment. The school has open and airy classrooms, activity halls, playgrounds, and varoius sports facilities. The students are served with fresh and hygenic food and pure drinking water.