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Online Admission

Expertise, facilities, and services: At Woodlands, we provide every needed facility and service to the students in order to grow their knowledge as well as physical skills. Now, we are going to discuss some facilities and services provided in our school and these things have a very big role in making our school one of the Best Schools in Haldwani

Activity Room

As we also provide Kindergarten classes, we have an activity room in our school for kids. In that activity room, we provided a collection of educational toys, puzzles, models, bricks, and blocks to children in order to enhance their mental ability to understand and solve complex things. With the help of this method, children can develop their potential while playing and enjoying.

Qualified Teachers and Staff

Teachers are considered the second “Guru” of the children after their parents. It is totally the teacher's responsibility to get the student ready for the future. By considering the future and concerns of the parents, we have well-qualified and experienced teachers and staff in our school to teach and guide your children toward success. Due to the excellent performance of our students, our school counted as one of the Best Result Giving Schools in Haldwani thanks to our teachers.

Books and Library

In our school, we have a well-stocked library for junior and senior students. We have a huge collection of books for students in order to enhance their knowledge and reading and communication skills. We have a stock of fiction, non-fiction, resource/reference books, dailies, and magazines for students. Apart from enhancing knowledge, the other motive of our library is enhancing the English speaking and reading skills of the students. The library also helps us to being one of the best English Medium Schools in Haldwani.

Sports Facilities

We believe physical growth is as much important as mental growth. So, we organize and provide sports activities in our school to improve the sporting skills and physique of students. These sports activities help students in character-building traits like increasing self-confidence and self-esteem, managing emotions, being more disciplined, maintaining patience, believing in teamwork, perseverance, etc.

Smart Classes

It is a universal fact that people are more able to remember scenes and pictures as compared to theory. So, we provide smart classes for students to improve their learning classes and enhance their knowledge. Smart classes are one of the reasons that our students do great in academics and made our school proud and one of the Best Result Giving Schools in Haldwani.

High Technology labs

For getting more into the real world, we provide labs for live practical to students. Our labs are well-equipped with instruments, smart boards, equipment, kits, and other required resources to make our student’s techno smart. We have various types of labs for students like computer labs and science labs to give students hands-on experience and formulate their own ideas. These labs help to improve the concentration levels and memory of students and make them more curious and creative. Due to our creative and innovative students, our school is leading in the list of Best Schools in Haldwani surveys.

School Buses

We provide transportation services for the students as well as teachers. We take care of the safety and security of our school’s students and teachers. We provide school buses for the distant as well as nearer students and teachers to let their families feel secure about their loved ones. We drop and pick up our students to and from their homes and nearest locations.

Extra-Curricular Activities

To improve the concentration and focus level of our students, we organize different extracurricular activities in our school. These curricular activities include academic clubs, quiz competitions, sports, cultural programs, celebrations, day boarding sessions, etc. We allowed students to do day boarding sessions in our school to grow their mental skills and sports skills. So, our school is also counted as one of the Day boarding Schools in Haldwani.

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