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Accepting challenges is the first step towards success. Welcome to Woodlands Sr. Sec. School Haldwani. The foundation stone of the school was laid in 1976 with the aim of ”Build a foundation for life “ as its guiding light where learning is a passion to touch the zenith. The school in its long journey has gained considerable expertise in providing value education and commands tremendous respect all over the region. We believe that the pursuit of excellence is a team effort. Our motto is to make our students self-reliant, self-sufficient, and confident to make the best use of what they have learnt through teachers, observations and life experiences. At Woodlands Senior Secondary School Haldwani, our emphasis is on developing students practical and social skills as well as spiritual values.

Director's Message:

Every child is unique and it has the potential to grow and succeed. If the child is nurtured in a healthy environment. Our children should not only excel in academics but also it is very important for them to develop a sense of responsibility, positive attitude, and discipline in life. At Woodlands Senior Secondary School, we constantly work to achieve such values which will make our students good human beings.

Principal's Message :

We envision an innovative and successful school where diversity is respected. Your child is a very special individual who needs a happy, secure, and challenging environment in which to grow. A childs natural curiosity to explore his/her world gives teachers the basis on which to build learning experiences that will provide a solid foundation for the early years of schooling.